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VCM Food was founded in 2012 as Valley Catering of Maryland serving a wide range of events from Kosher to Farm to Table. We grew our network of connections of industry professionals throughout the country and became a broker, and a food importer of record for companies from EU, to bring you amazing fresh and unusual ingredients. 
We emphasis representing our clients primarily in the eastern US from  North Carolina to Maine, with some national outreach through our broker network.  VCM Food now is broker/importer for fine specialty product lines for caterers, bakeries, food service, senior dining, school programs, convenience operations, commissary and restaurants. 
Whether you would like more information on the product lines we broker or would like us to broker/import for you, our team is skilled at meeting your needs. We are always looking to preserve your trust, meet your needs and take the food experience to the next level. Send us an email to connect with us and build future success.


 We specialize in Clean Label and allergen free product lines along with regional and international  favorites you shouldn't miss.

Diversity. Family Owned. Products and People with a mission for great ingredients, and healthy life choices.
VCMFood partners with unique brands to provide great food, great pricing and  great service.


Oberweis Dairy

Simply the Best

Oberweis Dairy has been delivering milk and dairy products to your door, farm store, convenience and grocery for since 1926. Family and Quality in Milk, Organic milks,incredible ice creams, and great grab and go refreshing  teas and juices. Email me for product information, pricing and distribution.  Check them out at


Bickford Flavors

Natural Ingredients make your recipe for Success

Bickford Flavors is family owned and operated business that is committed to bringing the highest quality natural and kosher extracts and flavors for all your recipes.  Great flavors for very product from breads, cakes, pies, candies, and ice creams, great beer enhancement and even pharmaceuticals.  Email us for product information and samples.   Bickford has a large line of flavors and can customize nearly any flavor you are looking for.  Bickford ships directly to you or through your favorite distributor.


D'vash Organic

Organic Dates, Sweetpotato & MORE

Three BOLD flavors.  Try D'vash Organic nectar and syrups as a sweetener in all of your household treats: from coffee to pancakes these amazing all organic syrups and nectars made from dates and from sweet potatoes ---or dates with a hot kick of cayenne,  are amazing new ways to sweeten your day. If your baking at home or in large food service baking operations our date syrup and sweet potato nectar are an awesome sugar replacement and we would love to work with you to alter recipes for these all organic sustainable sweeteners. Send us an email for samples and more information.


Wholly Wholesome & the Runaton Group

Wholly Wholesome, Metaballs, Blissful Chocolate, Unique Belgique waffles.  A complete line of snacks and baked goods from cookies and pies to energy snacks.....   The Runaton Group is a great collection of clean label products that include gluten free pie crusts and pizza doughs. Incredible clean label pies. The most amazing pearl sugar waffles. Blissfully good chocolates. Clean label pies cookies for food service and retail that are made from only the finest ingredients.


Perla Italian Pastries

Fantastic Quality & Value

Perla Italian pastries are the most amazing array of Freezer to Oven pastries that will take your bakery  to a higher level. Produced in a quaint town near Milan Italy on the most modern equipment, Perla is justifiably considered a leader in quality baked products for quality cafes, grocers, caterers, senior dining and all manner of food service operations. Perla is truly the brand you can serve with pride  Email me to get our catalogue and more product information.


Vergeer Holland Cheeses

Amazing aged cheeses  from Holland

Vergeer brings generations of skill, experience and incredible high quality cheeses to the USA. Gouda, Edam, Cheddars in wheels, individual servings and our really cool netted selections for quick grab and go.  Email me for product information, samples and materials.


Liokareas Family of Greek Products

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a Liokareas family tradition for 5 generations and counting! We always knew our Greek EVOO was amazing but participating and getting awards in global competitions is a great feeling!  We are proud to produce a product that has excellent health benefits and tastes amazing.

 These award winning flavored olive oils, greek oregano, figs and teas brings the flavor of ageless Greece to your table. Check out the full range of products for retail, food service and an amazing private label program.  From our farm to your table.


Hello Water

Flavor Fiber and Fantastic Taste

Delicious and Healthy
We believe people should not have to settle for bland tasting powders to get their fiber. hellowater is fiber infused water with inspiring flavors! Get healthy, Enjoy!


Smart Soda Solutions

Great tasting sodas and alkaline waters with none of the traditional soda baggage


The biggest reason to get traditional soda out of your diet, artificial sweeteners, acid that decays your teeth and makes a sluggish metabolism ​.... Those are all gone from all of our Smart Soda products. No Caffeine. No Artificial ingredients. And all of our products are Alkaline not acidic.

  • Healthy Alkaline water for a balanced body chemisty

  • Great healthy flavors

  • Private label bottles  to build your own brand and generate revenue.

This  is perfect for schools, hospitals, cafes, great retail and convenience locations.   Email me today for more information and distribution.

eu2uslogo.webp Import Services

Incredible brands and services for partners entering the US market

We import some wonderful products from the throughout the EU. We assist our partners navigate the barriers to successful entry to the US market.

FDA/FSMA gov't registration assistance

Incorporating your Business

Banking relationships

Taxes and regulations

Customs and Port clearances

Storage Logistics

Transportation Logistics

Marketing and Sales

Inventory Audits

Some of our clients:

Johnny Doodles Premium Chocolate 

These are incredible European chocolates in some fun flavor combinations for every chocolate lover..  more product info at

Pallys Carmel Biscuits  

The best value and quality biscuit for tea or a light sweet snack

Shotlus Pet Treats  Mr. Good Lads


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